Directing Tennis

for the

City of Fort Collins


Private Lessons

There is nothing like the personal attention of private lessons to improve your game quickly.

Arrange your lesson to fit your schedule.  Call 970.493.7000



Director (Larry Lewis USPTA)                                    $65/hr    $35/ 1/2hr        Semi-private  $70/hr

Head Professional  Scott Lumpkin (USPTA/PTR)      $60/hr    $35/ 1/2hr        Semi-private  $70/hr

Assistant Professional (Annie Bachman USPTA)       $60/hr    $35/ 1/2hr        Semi-private   $60/hr

Non-certified Pros                                                       $40/hr    $25/ 1/2hr        Semi-private  $50/hr

Ball Machine

Practice those strokes until you get it right!  The best way to groove your shots, so they will hold up in competition.  Call 970.493.7000 to reserve your time.


Hourly Rental  $15/hr

Ball Machine Club $200 for 6 months (limit 1 hr. per day)