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Free Special Tennis & Life Skills Events June 4,  June 18, July 16,  July 30   
5:00-7:00PM at Rolland Moore Racquet Center  

Sponsored by Lewis Tennis & NJTL

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We believe at Lewis Tennis School that tennis is truly a sport for life.  You can play it from the age of 4 to well into your 90’s.  We also believe that the life skills that you can learn participating in this game will enhance all areas of life.   That is why we have systematic approach to teaching life skills to our students.   
         We incorporate life skill lessons into each day of our programs for beginning and intermediate level juniors.  As players learn the proper technical fundamentals of the game they are also learning Life Skills.

Below are some of the topics we touch on in the Life Skills portion of each  lesson:


·         GOAL SETTING


·         MOTIVATION





            Most of our students will not become professional tennis players or receive college tennis scholarships, but they they will learn the technical skills necessary to become life time tennis players and the life skills to become champions in life.

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JUNE 4  Larry Lewis




LARRY LEWIS  June 4   5:00-7:00PM    at Rolland Moore Park Racquet Center    SIGN UP

Larry Lewis’ 50 years of experience in the tennis industry include management of five of the top tennis facilities in the United States.  He has directed the tennis program for the City of Fort Collins for 25 years. He has a passion for teaching life skills to his students along with tennis techniques. 

In 2007 Lewis was awarded Facility Manager of Year by the USPTA Intermountain Division. The Elite Professional member of USPTA has hired and managed teaching professionals, maintenance and pro-shop personnel at these leading facilities. Various programs have included a citywide, computerized challenge ladder, presentations on mental conditioning and sports medicine, interclub leagues, free instruction for Special Olympians, Play Tennis America programs and the USTA schools program.  He was awarded the Keli McGregor award which recognizes a director that makes a difference in their organization through courageous leadership and character that benefits the Fort Collins Community. He has had the privilege of directing clinics with such tennis greats as Rod Laver, Stan Smith, and Gene Mayer.

He Directed workshops for China’s coaches and top junior players in 1988 just as China was recovering from an era of repressions from Chairman Mao.

DAVE BOON  June 18        5:00-7:00PM    at Rolland Moore Park Racquet Center        SIGN UP

My calling in life is to “save kids’ lives.” I cannot stand to lose a kid to drugs, alcohol or crime and it hurts me to my very soul to see young people not reach their full potential in life. I used to work with “at risk” youth, but show me a youth that is not at risk in today’s world! I prefer to say that I work with children and teens with “unmet potential.” I have only one goal through my presentations at schools, my web site, this book, and my interaction with kids on a daily basis. That goal, my purpose in life, my wish, is to help teens and young adults discover their gifts and their direction in life. I want each and every one of you to become a healthy, happy, and productive member of our world. I don’t want you to get “swept away” by drugs, alcohol or negative associations. That is why I wrote this book. That is my purpose—that is my wish!

Dave has coached national champions in two different sports, spoken at a White House conference by invitation of the Vice President of the United States, and traveled the world's largest sand desert as a teen. He holds B.A. and M.S. degrees and has been a high school teacher, as well as a community college and university professor.

Dave's innovative ideas and successful programs have been featured in The New Yorker and Shape magazines and highlighted by award winning Wall Street Journal reporters Bob Davis and David Wessel, in Prosperity: The Coming 20 Year Boom and What It Means to You.

The extraordinary story about Dave, his wife June and a 13 year old teen, Gary Martinez, being buried alive by an avalanche on January 6, 2007, received worldwide coverage. His miracle survival story was featured on Oprah, CNN, MSNBC, The Today Show and in USA Today. Dave is convinced that he survived for a reason. Today his life work is focused on teaching goals, good choices, and value-based decisions in order to place everyone, but especially our youth, on the road to hope and happiness.

Dave conducts leadership presentations throughout the United States and in Europe. Dave enjoys river rafting, snow skiing, tennis, traveling, and spending time with his family and friends. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife June. Check out  Dave's website for inspirational stories.